Volunteers for Homer Magazine needed

06 January 2016

Our magazine, Homer, has evolved over the past several years and in 2016 we want to take it even further and include your voice!

If you are a writer, illustrator, blogger, photographer or have any other special skills that you think will be an asset to Homer, we want to hear from you! Email homer@retiredgreyhounds.co.uk if you are interested, and if you have any samples of your work, we'd love to see them.

Homer, which is published twice a year, is read by approximately 150,000 people. Individual one-off submissions (which are published in Homer) will be credited to the contributor, and if you are chosen to be a regular contributor, your name will be added to the editorial box as a columnist/special correspondent. All submissions will be treated as voluntary donations and will not be paid, unless previously agreed with the RGT. The RGT Editorial team will have final say on what is printed and if content is deemed inappropriate or is not relevant to the publication and its readers,it will not be published.

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