Northern Greyhound Gathering to go ahead this weekend...

13 July 2018

We are hugely excited for this year's Northern Greyhound Gathering. We know a few of you have expressed some concerns over the weather conditions and wanted to assure everyone that this has been fully considered. 

We have reviewed this internally and taken veterinary advice, and the show will go ahead as planned.

We would encourage all dog owners to think about attending, particularly if your dog is elderly or suffers from any respiratory condition. 

Site opens at 0930, show classes will start at 1030 and there will be no break for lunch to ensure classes finish before the hottest point of the day. There will be fresh water available around the site, along with a cooling area with pools, cold towels, and cooling mats. We will not be running the fly ball this year and will not be bringing any of the greyhounds currently in our kennels. We would also remind everyone that this is a strictly on-lead event.


It should go without saying, but leaving dogs in hot cars without ventilation, shade, and water is the primary cause of heat stress. Please don't do it, even for a few minutes. 

Greyhound Trust volunteers will be on hand throughout the day to assist and support anyone (greyhound or human) or might be finding the heat an issue. Please do find one of our team who can direct you to an area to cool off where there will be water, shade, cooling mats, pools and more. 

It should be a brilliant day out for everyone. There is a fantastic selection of our favourite trade stands attending so there will be every conceivable greyhound goody you could wish for - from snazzy collars to delicious treats.

Please give generously to our volunteers who are collecting on the day to raise money for the Greyhound Trust, they have already put a huge amount of work in to ensure everyone has a fantastic day out. Thank you..

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