Greyhound Trust Board statement

06 March 2019

Greyhound Trust Board statement concerning the February fundraising campaign

The Board is in receipt of complaints from various interested parties concerning the content of the Greyhound Trust’s February funding appeal. The Board takes complaints seriously and is taking all steps necessary to investigate the same.

 The Board deeply regrets that the some of the language used in the appeal has so clearly caused offence to our racing industry partners.

The Board wishes to take this opportunity to reassure our partners that: (i) the Greyhound Trust did not intend to cause offence by the appeal; and (ii) the Board will proactively review all feedback concerning the appeal with a view to preventing further offence in the future. Where appropriate, the Board will instruct the Greyhound Trust to reassess and update its brand and release guidance.

 Our branches and our volunteers remain our most valuable asset and our commitment to support them in caring for and finding homes for greyhounds remains a priority. Greyhounds make great pets and we take every opportunity to promote that message whenever we can; the evidence is in the 3,500 greyhounds who are found homes each year, along with the continued support given to those owners once the greyhound goes home.

 The Greyhound Trust is, and shall remain, committed to supporting the homing of retiring greyhounds with the deeply appreciated support of its partners in the racing industry.

 Steve Dean

Chairman of the Greyhound Trust


By supporting the Greyhound Trust you are supporting the only national charity dedicated to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds.

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The Greyhound Trust has homed over 85,000 greyhounds since it was formed in 1975. An independent charity, the Trust finds home for almost 4000 greyhounds every single year through a national network of 57 volunteer led branches across England, Scotland, and Wales.

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