Greyhound Trust Harlow renamed to Greyhound Trust Epping Forest.

28 February 2020

Joy originally began homing of greyhounds in 2003. The greyhounds were homed for Walthamstow Stadium and the Walthamstow Owners Association.

In 2009, the opportunity to purchase their own kennels were too good to miss! Barley Kennels was then founded, as well as becoming a branch for the charity – Greyhound Trust Harlow. Since opening in 2009, the team have successfully found loving forever homes for over 950 greyhounds.

On 1st March 2020 Harlow Greyhound Trust (Barley Kennels) will be relaunching as Epping Forest Greyhound Trust as they are no longer affiliated to Harlow Greyhound Stadium. The new Epping Forest branch will be assisting with dogs from GVC tracks in the South East and Greyhound Trust national waiting lists. Please join us in wishing them well under their new name.

Epping Forest Team            Mother & Daughter: Joy & Lisa, along with Tiny the Greyhound and some of the amazing volunteers

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