Getting creative for Greyhounds

05 February 2021

We asked you to share how creative you've been for your dogs during lockdown on our social media. We got some great responses to our #GraftingForGreyhounds post. Here are some of our favourites.


Your hand made greyhound coats.

A greyhound wearing a coat covering in Disney imagesThese incredible Disney coats keep Taru's greyhounds warm and unmissable. Credit: Taru Lehtonen.

Greyhound in home made dinosaur coatMax stands out in a crowd in this dinosaur creation. Credit: Lea Spencer-Brown

Greyhound in knitted cardiganSparky keeps warm in her lovingly made cardigan. Credit: Helen Balmforth.


Some of you chose to share your creations in the kitchen.

Tray of home made liver browniesLiver brownies wouldn't appeal to me, but they're a greyhound's dream come true! Credit: Amanda Reynolds.

A cake made of pilchardsSomeone can't wait to tuck into this Pilchard cake . . . Credit: Wendy Orchard.

Behavioural enrichment

Keeping your greyhounds occupied was also a priority during lockdown.

A greyhound burying his face in a snuffle mat made out of fabric.Flash enjoying rooting around in his new snuffle toy. Credit: Sophie Wilson.

A snuffle toy made from a colander and fabricA snuffle toy cleverly made from a colander and fabric strips. Credit: Karen Fowler.

Home made guard to prevent greyhound escaping the boot of a carAfter some scary escapes, Cherry built this dog guard for her boot. Credit: Cherry Belinda May.

Amazing art

Some of you turned from the practical to the aesthetic, and produced amazing artistic creations.

A framed illustration of a greyhoundThis beautiful greyhound painting really caught our eye. Credit: Amanda Pile.

Coasters containing images of greyhoundsSian worked with resin to create these striking matching greyhound coasters. Credit: Sian Norman.

We love to see what you do for your greyhounds, so keep sharing your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook!

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