Brands Hatch

We are located near Brands Hatch, please contact us for the full address.

Welcome to DunRunnin Rehoming Kennels, the Brands Hatch Branch of the Greyhound Trust. We're so pleased you've found us! Here at DunRunnin we're passionate about finding forever homes for retired racing greyhounds because we believe that every home should have a greyhound, and every greyhound should have a home!

Greyhounds are the original low-maintenance companion animals. Despite their well-deserved reputation as formidable athletes, they don't require huge amounts of exercise and are perfectly content with two short walks a day. Their placid nature means they are good with children and make excellent companions for the elderly as they are easy to handle and love snuggling on the sofa!

Fester from Brands Hatch RGT at Dunrunnin kennels

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