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                                                Greyhound Trust Autum 2020 Raffle Winners Announced !

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Autumn 2020 raffle, all proceeds go towards funding our work to home retired racing greyhounds; so your flutter, whether you were lucky or not, is helping the cause you care passionately about.

The Raffle was drawn on 23 November 2020 and below are the lucky winners:

Prize 1 - £1000: Mr R Harris, Littlehampton, Ticket number 0055189
Prize 2 - £200: Mr R Theobald, Brentwood, Ticket number 0045161
Prize 3 - £200: Mrs D Falco - Langham, London, Ticket number 00433
Prize 4 - £100: Mr C Beedie, Witney, Ticket number 0020477
Prize 5 - £100: Mr R Purvis, Ipswich, Ticket number 0041644
Prize 6 - £100: Miss K Duguid, Aberdeenshire, Ticket number 0001475
Prize 7 - £25: Ms T Conn, London, Ticket number 0043394
Prize 8 - £25: Mr M Ward, Ipswich, Ticket number 0041667
Prize 9 - £25: Mrs B Hartwell, Ilkeston, Ticket number 0026641
Prize 10 - £25: Mr & Mrs Anthany, Rowley Regis, Ticket number 0032406

We will be in contact with you directly, using the details on your raffle ticket stub.

Lottery Balls 2If you enjoyed your flutter and would like to sign up to the Greyhound Trust lottery, so you have a chance of winning up to £10,000, you can sign up to our monthly draw, knowing that your support for the lottery is generating funds to allow Greyhound Trust to find homes for retired racing greyhounds:

  • Steve dean listing

    Avoiding Heat Stress in your Greyhound

    With warmer days on the horizon, it might be helpful to remind ourselves of perhaps the most avoidable seasonal catastrophe that might affect our dogs. This is of course heat stress and especially the increased risk when dogs are left in a hot car.

  • Head office 2 listing

    Greyhound Trust GoSport Charity Pursuit – June 16th 2018

    On Saturday 16th June a team of Greyhound Trust Head Office staff took on the GoSport Charity pursuit, to raise money for their new National Greyhound Centre which will be opening in 2019.

  • Front kennel listing

    Greyhound Trust announce new flagship homing centre in Horley, Surrey

    The Greyhound Trust was founded 43 years ago to find homes for retired racing greyhounds and we today share exciting news that our founders would be proud of; we have secured a site to build a flagship homing centre for retired racing greyhounds..

  • Justin 2 listing

    Fundraising for the Greyhound Trust

    Here are some of the fundraising events taking place over the coming weeks and months. Can you help support us?

  • Exciting opportunities to join our Head Office team in Surrey...

    We are excited to advertise opportunities to join the head office team in Surrey as Head of Finance and Resources, and as Welfare and Operations Officer...

  • GBGB Injury and Retirement Data - Greyhound Trust Press Release

    Greyhound Trust Chief Executive Lisa Morris-Tomkins calls for further support to enable the Greyhound Trust to find more homes for retired racing greyhounds, and pledges to work with the Greyhound board of Great Britain to target reductions in euthanasia

  • Item ebe7baa6 a9c8 4924 a83b 0a7041786ed8 listing

    Update on Alabama Rot and Seasonal Canine Illness

    Professor Steven Dean, Chairman of the Greyhound Trust updates us on Alabama Rot and Seasonal Canine Illness. What they are and how to keep your greyhound protected...

  • Greyhound Trust Statement on Exportation of Greyhounds to Asia

    The Greyhound Trust remains gravely concerned about reports concerning greyhounds that have been exported to countries where their welfare is severely compromised. The following is our statement on the issue.

  • Colinduring1 listing

    Run the Marathon for the Greyhound Trust

    Do you have what it takes to cover the 26 miles of the London Marathon and raise much needed funds for the Greyhound Trust? If so, we would love to hear from you....

  • Img 3563 listing

    International Volunteer Day

    An estimated 15.2 million people in the UK volunteer at least once a month, for the Greyhound Trust, those volunteers form the invaluable lifeline between our greyhounds and their forever homes.

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